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Photographers of the U.S. Army Signal Corps

Live Combat Film! These are not documentaries, they are film of your unit shot by combat photographers!

  1. Series I: Normandy, Invasion of Europe series covers preparations, invasion including the Normandy Breakout.
  2. Series II: Liberation of Western Europe series covers additional buildup continent with new divisions through the fall of 1944.
  3. Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond
  4. Army Air Forces

Are you tired of seeing the same old World War II combat footage? Do you feel that every documentary you see concerning the battle for Europe is just a rehashed version of the several you have seen before? If you are looking for a new way to view the historic operations of this incredible conflict, then you have found the right place. At Combat Reels we are dedicated to bringing ALL of the footage that was captured by the U.S. Army Signal Corps, Coast Guard and Navy photographers, which we can identify, to the general public.

During World War II there were over 10,000 reels of images that were caught by the brave combat cameramen of the U.S. Army, yet less that 20% of these are ever broadcast for you to view. Our videos are built on the idea that all of the footage is important, not just the images Hollywood deems appropriate. Our DVD videos are constructed to contain only images of the unit that you want to see. We have divided these up reels to show all of the images available for every unit engaged in all of the campaigns of World War II. "These original reels of silent footage have not been edited or had any artificial sounds added to them. They are left in the original state as they were recorded by the cameraman in 1944. This allows the consumer to see all of the footage there is and decide what is important to them."

Beginning with the first DVD series, "Invasion of Normandy", Combat Reels has produced 15 volumes, one for each unit, covering all of the units involved in the D-Day Landings. Films begin just before the invasion as troops prepare in England, and run through the breakout of operation "Cobra", and to the middle of August as the battle for Normandy winds down with the closing of the "Falaise Gap".

The Second Series, "Liberation of Western Europe" picks up where the first series ends. This series covers from the liberation of Paris, in late August, through the race across France to the Lorraine region, and the liberation of Belgium and Holland during operation "Market Garden". Followon series' will include The Battle of the Bulge will portrays the actions of units cracking the Siegfried line just before the German surprise attack in mid-December through the American counterattack as the lines are regained and U.S. forces continue to push into Germany. The final series for the conflict in Europe is "Defeat of Nazi Germany". Follow each American Division as they drive over the Rhine into the heart of Germany and crush the remaining resistance for an unconditional surrender and end the war in Europe. All of these series are an exciting way to follow your favorite unit through their participation in the European Theater. You have never viewed World War II until you take time to look at the shots Hollywood didn't take the time to find.

The Signal Corps Photographers shot this film and Combat Reels will bring this military history film to you!

Interested in still photography? check out some of these still photos by the signal corps.


Notice: These films are not documentaries. The films produced by Combat Reels are not intended to tell the complete story of any particular unit. The goal of these dvd videos is to reveal that actual footage of particular divisions that has been organized into volumes within a campaign series format. All footage has been left silent, although there are some clips that have sound; check each title for any details, as it was originally recorded during the war. In order to keep the costs for each video down there has been no effort to digitally enhance the images or include narration and studio sound effects. This is a unique opportunity to see the men and locations of your favorite division in a conflict. See this WW2 history in a new light.

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DVD Recent Releases of World War II Movies, Films
104th Infantry Division Winter War Bulge and Beyond DVD $29.99

104th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond Series
December 1944 - March 1945

DVD Details

36th Infantry Division Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond DVD $24.99

36th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond
November 1944- March 1945

DVD Details

36th Infantry Division in Western Europe DVD $24.99

36th Infantry Division
Liberation of Western Europe Series
August 1944 - October 1944

DVD Details

29th Infantry Division Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond DVD $24.99

29th Infantry Division
Winter War: The Bulge and Beyond
December 1944 - February 1945

DVD Details

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